labor (hate the spelling) woes climax

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    As if Simon Crean isn't in enough trouble the Labor (hate that spelling) Party is now in deep poop over the selection of a new National President. A front runner is Carmen Lawrence, a more disgusting and revolting person I couldn't imagine, who hates Crean and now Barry Jones is being wheeled out again as a candidate to try and stop Lawrence.

    The ALP really needs to move along from the Bazza era but he is a decent and honest guy with at least some vision and if his resurection is required to eliminate that dreadful woman from the presidency the Bazza it is. The real issue is, however, it does highlight the mess the ALP is in and the total lack of quality depth in the party. A strong and competent alternative party is needed for the good of the county; at the moment we don't have one.

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