Labor does not control the Senate

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    I keep hearing from the Coalition that Labor is blocking everything in the Senate.

    The reality is that the Coalition has more seats in the Senate than Labor and it is the Coalitions inability to convince the minor parties and independents to support some of its legislation that is the problem. They got that support to drop the carbon and mining tax but failed to get support for areas which are repressive on Australian families and which involved a breach of trust through broken promises. Abbott's line in in Opposition was that they were just that, an Opposition, and it was up to the government to deliver not them. Now that the Coalition IS in Government the tune has changed and he expects the Opposition to support him in everything lol.

    The Coalition holds 33 seats in the Senate to Labors 25. The remaining 18 seats are held by minor parties and independents. Even though they are different parties and dont always agree with each other, if we add the Greens 10 seats to the Labor total the Coalition could still get a majority in the Senate if it could convince enough of the other 8 non aligned Senators to vote for the Governments legislation.

    The truth on the Senate issue is that the broken promises and repressive and unfair nature of the governments budget measures have caused a majority of Senators to rightly reject them. The polls confirm the measures are not supported by a majority of voters and they would be grateful for the actions of all Senators who prevented the legislation from passing.
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