labor: conroys $350 mill satellite debacle!

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    More waste from the disaster that is stephen conroy.

    TENS of thousands of families, farmers and businesses have been left with little or no internet access with the virtual collapse of the former Labor government’s $350 million NBN interim satellite service.
    Some NSW regional schoolchildren are reportedly unable to complete homework, while irate farmers already coping with drought claim they have been disconnected from weather updates, stock auctions and routine farm services.
    The Daily Telegraph has learnt the Labor government may have misled consumers when NBN Co promised high speed satellite services with a footprint of 250,000 potential customers when it had bought capacity for only 48,000.
    But even that capacity, it has been revealed, was exceeded at Christmas, resulting in the internet either crashing or becoming next to useless for tens of thousands of people paying up to $60 a month.
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