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    There has  been a new petition started on Change Org to request that food labeling is improved so that when you purchase something you can do so with the knowledge that you know what is in it and where it was sourced

    Please take the time to sign it so that we can put pressure on the government to tell the Multi-nationals to be responsible in their packaging

    The importation of food has moved to an increasingly fast pace change and it appears that it will only be a very short few years where the only Australian products that you can eat is what you grow in your own back yard

    If you have not seen Change.Org before they have had some quite remarkable success stories in actions they have highlighted

    Foodstandards Australia & NZ: work to tighten food importation laws and labeling laws so that it is clearly (in large print) and accurately indicated on packaging where food comes from as well as where it was packaged and processed.
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