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Top 20 action in the last 10 days 14th of may to the 24th of May...

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    Top 20 action in the last 10 days 14th of may to the 24th of May

    Four holders Hishenk Jackson Eldridge and Citycorpe brought 40,013 shares in the last ten days

    Bad news Kilinwata sold for the first time 88,774 shares from his 2,115,ooo placement. Around $39,000 here is hoping he just needed the money for a SUV or a holiday.

    Good news Kilinwata other partner from the milestone payments Miss Ok Chong has consolidator two of her holdening into one block of now 1,104769 shares. Thus far both are staying put other than this last small sale.

    Other good news, Andrew Heaton has stopped selling.

    The sad story is that such small selling pracelss are knocking the crape of the SP. First it was Kelly then Heaton then one large supper holding and this week Kilinwata.

    No conspiracy just bad luck that they all just happened one after the other on a run of good news.

    Here is hoping that it is the end of it. It does seem remarkable bad luck after no movement for well over a year and half we get a run all in this tight time frame. Such is life. But re-assuring the top 20 are still moving up in percentage and still constantly buying almost ever month, if not week.
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