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kwaza and possible offshore

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    This is out there for interpretation.

    Question: Why would MS want to release news (Given of course they have news re: Kwaza and possible Off shore) if we have a few decent runs this week?

    I know it is early days and extremly hypothetical but a question one should ponder.

    Surely he would want the value of the SP to be as high as possible, before releaseing the anticipated news & info to the market to gain maximum SP increase and that magical $1 mark MS talks about prior to going to the US?

    Or..... Would he want the SP to go like a rocket ship Prior to or while he is promoting in the US?

    Would love to hear thoughts on what you would do if you were CEO for this week? To delay or not delay?

    PS: Missed price rising (Love to watch) today due to meetings but was stoked with a capital S when I checked what happened! Cheers to all for info Help ETC.

    Long Hold Here.

    Mirouku - Gun
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