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    I love this .87c thing as some kind of a benchmark for TA.

    The only reason the SP reached .87c is because someone who was overcome by FOMO told their broker to push the 'market' button after close and - because there was so little available at the time - whomever it was suddenly found out they'd paid up to .87c for whatever it was they'd bought.

    Betcha they're kicking themselves now.

    Within no time,  the SP recovered to what it is now - and it hasn't really gone back - other than by some purchase by people, who can probably afford it the least, who seem to think this stock is going to rocket past 80c and make them an instant quid.

    And, they might be right.

    But... the reality is ... nothing's changed from the time when you could buy this stock for, say, .285c to .375c - as even the speeding ticket confirmed.  

    In fact I think the speeding ticket was so KTD could cover it's bum and respond to confirm nothing's changed and that there's no obvious reason the SP could be doing what it's done last week or so - which has been driven by who knows what?

    And, if anyone wants to think about it - that actually IS the situation nothing's changed and likely won't until next year.

    So ... buyer beware.

    All is not as it seems.  Likely, something no-one knows about is driving this  'breakout' - and if you buy in now, at any price - do it with your eyes open and be prepared to wait longer than you want to for a positive result on your investment - I've no doubt it will be well rewarded - in time, even at this price.

    But ... if you can't afford to wait for a return consider whether you purchase at all carefully.

    p.s - I've been in KTD since IPO and have done quite well out of selling/buying on the way up - and I'm still in -  so, please ignore whatever I've said and keep pushing the SP up.

    In fact, if you could help to take it to $1 everyone who's in right now will get to make some serious dosh.

    Have fun
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