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Koting may be a massive gold structure

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    Warning: very speculative estimates here, please do your own research.

    Two drill fences have been completed across the Koting prospect (to a depth of 50m) that are parallel and spaced 200m apart. Did anyone notice that the first (most northern) fence line at 1308500 reported significant gold hits across a width of 315m and the southernmost fence line reported gold hits across a width of 270m?? that is an average of 292.5m

    By comparison Ntiola mineralisation has a width of around 40m.(and length of around 500m) So Koting is 7.3 times wider and carries a conceptual tonnage of 292.5m width x open strike of 200m x 50m open depth which equates to a conceptual tonnage target of 7.3M tonnes for the first 200m of strike. That means for every 100m Koting carries 7.3 times more tonnage than Ntiola (at only one third the depth), although we do not know the grade, nor the full extent of the strike line. Geochemical work indicates that it may extend for over 1,400m.

    We cannot guess the grade as there is no basis for an estimate BUT we can assume that Koting carries a massive amount of gold host rock when directly compared to Ntiola. Most of the guesstimates on Ntiola are around 400,000 ounces (although this number is also very speculative) down to 150m. So guesstimates on Koting could run to multiples of the Ntiola guesstimate IF the grades hold up.

    Please do your own research, but I have the feeling that the market is asleep on the ramifications of these latest results. We should be trading at multiples of the current share price just on the potential of what is being revealed by each drill program. Good luck to all longs.
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