Koligo Therapeutics

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    Has anyone had a look at this IPO and would care to share their view.
    It is a fairly basic presentation.
    Concept is good and already generating some revenue albeit still operating at a loss.
    Would appear to have a lot of weight on the CEO, Matthew Lehman and am certainly paying for him as his wage is high.
    Most share to be held by current owners and directors which is positive and in escrow for 24 mths.
    Not a lot of working capital and whilst the IPO says the raise should last them 24 mths there may imo be capital requirements before this, say 12 mths.
    I think this one has great prospects as it is innovative tech in a medical space which is a growing industry and should get good speculator interest. One I will be watching and may participate in.
    Keen for others thoughts.
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