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    Train wreck 'was Latham's doing'
    October 11, 2004

    THE responsibility for Saturday's "train wreck" loss by Labor lay with Opposition Leader Mark Latham and there was no use hiding the fact, former party strategist Michael Costello said today.

    Mr Costello, who was once chief of staff to former leader Kim Beazley, said it would do the party no good to hide behind blaming the strong economy and interest rates for the defeat.

    "This is a complete train wreck. We now face at least two terms before we can win government again," he said on ABC radio.

    "We face at least three years with John Howard pretty much in control of the Senate.

    "Labor did not win the election campaign except for the middle two weeks when Howard was clearly rattled by Latham's very good performance in the debate.

    "Labor was comprehensively done, especially in strategic terms."

    Mr Costello said Mr Latham's Medicare Gold package was a strategic disaster.

    "His last week was the campaign from hell - there was hardly a mistake they didn't make," he said.

    "The prime responsibility for this lies with Mark Latham and those who put him there.

    "This attempt to dodge accountability ... if we won this election, would anyone say it wasn't Mark Latham's doing?

    "This rationalisation does Labor no good. It has to face up to the reality of what happened or it's doomed to irrelevance."

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