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kiwi problems with the new share issue

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    I have a bank account through Etrade & thought I could use this-first black mark-their bank accounts are not set up for bpay.They will only TT to NZ-so I set up an A$ account-second black mark-they will only TT to a numerical account & my A account is both letters & numbers.(They originally accepted my request but misdirected the change in spite of my filling out the application form correctly)
    Incidently I had to TT the funds in A$ to NZ, convert them & then reconvert back to A$ for a draft.
    Next the application form was delayed in the post & I emailed Computershare first & then Perilya on an urgent basis on 4/12-the reply came back after business hours.
    I applied for the draft on 7/12 & had to wait to 8/12 to receive it-there is no valid reason why it can't be issued the same day.
    The draft was couriered on 8/12 & was only delivered on 16/12-too late!!! (held up by A customs-why???)
    Of course I kept both Perilya & Computershare in touch with progress with 3 emails & never heard back from either.
    My sentiment is total frustration but this wording is not allowed in the below box. I have formally complained to the ASX & I can certainly think of several ways to improve Registries performances.
    Finally I would welcome any bright ideas on further actions to remedy an extremely expensive exercise for me.
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