kiwi farm convention

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    An Australian farmer visits New Zealand for a farming convention
    and is invited to stay with a local kiwi farmer.

    The kiwi farmer picks the aussie farmer up at the airport and heads
    of down the road out into the country where he lives.

    A few hours into the trip the kiwi farmer sees a sheep stuck in the fence unable to get free.
    He stops the truck and gets out.

    Next thing the kiwi farmer is down on his knees giving the sheep the shagging of its life.

    He returns to the truck with a happy smile and continues down the road.

    Half an hour later they come across another sheep stuck in the fence.
    The kiwi farmer pulls over again and looks at the aussie farmer.

    He says to the aussie ‘would you like a go mate?’

    The aussie with a smile nods, gets out of the truck and sticks his head into the fence.
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