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kim robinson buying again

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    Announcement that the MD of Kagara bought $200K worth of shares at over $1 is very encouraging. He already owns over 15% of the stock and has been buying at 30c, 50c and 60c. I was of the opinion that his on market purchases had stopped and that KZL was looking a little pricey however this news has certaintly made me even more confident to hold for the long term.

    A pick up in volume recently is also encouraging and may suggest that institutions are taking a keener interest in Kagara.

    Just to mention the factors again which will move KZL to higher levels:
    - improving zinc price
    - upgrade in resource from the Balcooma drilling
    - encouraging gold and copper grades from their latest drilling results
    - a possible new gold mine near Mt Garnet
    - a doubling in production rates from the current plant
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