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kevin wills ... respected.

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    Speaking at a conference in Adelaide 30 April.....lots to tell one would hope.

    He has the skills and experience to take FDL to miner status.

    Dr Kevin Wills is a geologist with 32 years experience in multi commodity mineral exploration, feasibility studies and mine operations in Australasia. He is Managing Director of Flinders Diamonds Limited and Maximus Resources Limited and is a non-executive director of Eromanga Uranium Limited. Dr Wills spent seven years with CRA Exploration Pty Ltd, the highlight of which was involvement in 1979 with the team that located and evaluated the Argyle Diamond Deposit. While Dr Wills was regional exploration manager with Dominion Mining Ltd, his work on the Gawler Craton led to the development of near-surface calcrete sampling in South Australia which, was instrumental in the Challenger Gold Mine discovery.

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