Kernot + Evans - Oakes =

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    Fascinating discussion guys / gals,

    It is no secret that many people knew about the relationship between Evans and Kernot years ago.

    The relationship is (should) not be the issue here. I think the performance of Laurie Oakes is the substantive issue of concern.

    The only issue of public interest is the denial of Evans that he was involved with Kernot.

    I think Oakes staked a lot on his claim. He has lost the respect of many other political journalists, whilst others support his actions.

    The question is whether we (the public) believe it appropriate to hassle private citizens about their former relationships. Even the U.S government would not have pursued Clinton as aggressively as it did if he was a private citizen when the Lewinsky case was revealed.

    At which point in time should the media leave has been politicians to rest?

    The story will be over in the next day or two, and political correspondents will have more reasonable issues to report.

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