kennyglah = guesswho

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    = fukwit,,,,,you don`t fool me for a bit you idiot.....hows the shares at 83 cents lol lol lol lol

    Good to see the director came in today to help the sp,but it won`t help matey....really it won`t,not short

    BTW hows Billy the RAMPER Gates going these days,has he finally found his way outa clouds of sh#ts see you`s are still trying your best to boost the sp........must be frustrating,oh dear....kellygirl your a star.....see ya later wan#ers,much much later.

    Oh dear i wonder if kiwi boy will pull this thread since he still is a share holder in SL#T.....LOL.....fuk you if you do kiwi(sheep boy).
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