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    Was down at the pub yesterday when I noticed Cotton On Flyer racing. The nueral algorthyms indicated it liked the wet and the track. I happen to know the owner who has the "Cotton On" clothing stores. Nigel Austin is related to the Austins(ATG). kellygirl I do believe there are some stores in NSW.

    Anyway back to Cotton On. It was paying $16 and moving in fast. Last race was a year ago but I knew they would have trialled her before the race. It is locally trained also. I told everyone I knew to have a punt on him. The pub crowd went wild when it came from third last to win.Paid around $11.00.

    One of my mates is a place better and put $100 for a place. His win of $280(place win) was not much consolation for a potential $1100.00.

    I of course kellygirl had the cattle station, airports and home on it... .lol

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