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kellygirl and slt directors

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    Kellygirl - you and me are both annoyed so it seems...

    You are annoyed about the directors free will to sell there own shares to the market, like you and me are able to

    And you are annoying the F#ck out of me with your constant crying dribble about SLT direcotrs selling there OWN shares...Its allowed mate so get over it.

    Answer this q - I bet you cant


    by the sounds of your emotion - you shouldn't even be following SLT !!!!!! Have a think about this for a minute.

    I hold and have since 4c - very happy with the directors and the way they have pushed the SP.
    We all are aware maybe capping and holding the stock back is happening, but I am very comfortable in holding for the reason that when we hear about their first deal - very soon(days) we will not be seeing these prices EVER

    I am aware that this will p*ss you off, but before you reply, have a think why you hold

    I hope you are in, like me, owning a bucket load of these gems, because very shortly the people who believe this incredible story are going to be very happy to say the least

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