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keeps bouncing back hmmmm!

  1. MJR
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    why do people keep buying this is this the reason!

    An independent valuation was given back in oct 2003 for ADY by Baker & Young at .16 - .19 cents per share. Now that they are focused and what i mean by focused is serious investors want in not aussie brokers who only want to make a quick buck.... overseas investors that see this as a SQM.

    FYI the report yesterday was for the benefit of the convertable note investors that want to plow $50 million into this company with Intrepid handling the note issue and close to raising the first installment of 25 million which will be announced very soon. The convertible note holders do not get their shares until the notes mature 2 years down the track and then they are saying they have to be worth at least 10 each cents beacause that is what they will be paying for them.

    So they are backing the company for 2 years with 50 million bucks to receive shares at the end worth 10 cents each!!!! The smart money has spoken!

    Furthermore ADY is in a position to supply the world market at any contract size.

    Now the size of the contract is dependent on the type of compound – Lithium Carbonate – may be 2-4,000 tonnes per contract – target is 12,000, Lithium Thinonyl Chloride – 2000-5000 tonnes, sodium Sulphate maybe 25-50,000 tonnes, KCL 50-100,000 tonnes, NaCl – 100,000-1,000,000 tonnes.

    I have it on good authority that there is a truckload of NACL and NASO4 already on the ground ready for harvesting.

    Today's deliberate manipulation will definately see short term higher prices...imho 10 -15 cents is certainly not out of the question before any other significant announcements occur whether that be short or long term.

    Who said this was a dog i hope your truck is loaded!

    As some have said just watch tommorrow and the next day & the next!

    Imho many are accumulating knowing that 10 cents will be here very very soon indeed!
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