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Hi Isabella (@isabella8685), Welcome to IMM. In this game, from...

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    Hi Isabella (@isabella8685), Welcome to IMM.

    In this game, from a perspective, mo news is good news. One thing that is important in this game is First Progression Free Survival (PFS), which is a measure of how long patients have been doing well/ok etc while on the medication. If there are no significant "events" to report, e.g. significant adverse effect from the medication to significantly affect PFS, then that is what we want to know (in a sense not yo hear anything). Of course there are conferences and other mandatory reports where the information can be dispatched.

    Other than that, as I always say, the Daily Telledraph has a lot of news for those who like daily news.

    I quite respect @ahjay and @Hodgie28 and knowing their reason re holding can be very informative. Ahjay is on top of the game all around and Hodge simply knows a lot of in-depth stuff about bio, business, and clinical side of things with experience to back it up.

    Having said that, there is A LOT to trading (as you may already know), SPECIALLY spec stocks and then specially bio and then yet again specially things to do with cancer/autoimmune. And then there is the business side of a small speculative stock and every thing that comes with it. So, it is important that you do your own research, including asking questions here. One thing about HC, Every single person here has an agenda, including myself and that agenda always influences what they post or respond. Ahjay is an True ambassador for IMM and Hodge one can trust his honesty. So, good people again to read their posts. Fortunately we have a good forum here, we sometimes fight () but we generally have hood intension and still informative.

    To me this game is HIGH risk (like any spec bio), but high reward, if it pays off in terms of value to patients or setting me up to sail into the sunset. But while high risk, there are some good indications that we are barking at the right tree.
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