The problem with Keen and perma bulls is their fixed views on...

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    The problem with Keen and perma bulls is their fixed views on what will happen as a whole. Not only is buying property dependent on the timing of the market but it is dependent on the circumstances of the purchaser. No use picking the top or bottom if you are not in a position to take advantage of. For example friends rang me in 2014 and wanted advice on buying a property I said do not do it A you are 60 years old and you are a computer nerd with no handyman skills. They ignored me and bought an old house in Northern suburbs of Perth , 2 years later he could not cope with the maintenance and hassle of tenants so sold at a loss. On the other hand I sold a house to a young couple that were ready to buy and paying $400 pw rent. Sure 5 years later the price is $20k under what they paid but they have put $100,000 towards their loan instead of lost rent.
    The market goes in cycles and people's lives change as well, personally I feel sad when really young people place themselves in huge debt buying a house instead of experiencing life, travel, change jobs live a life you can remember later.
    Right now there are people who are buying and going to make money in Real estate and there are people going to lose . That is the market but I will say a lot of doubt has now been removed after the Election interesting to see what happens next
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