Looking again at how the ABC reported on their arch hero,...

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    Looking again at how the ABC reported on their arch hero, Keating and his adoration of all things China, needs an explanation.

    Why, what or ho pushed Keating out to grab the mic and praise the war mongering CCP?

    Solomon Islands is witnessing a population rising up against close ties with the CCP.

    Lithuania is the latest to feel the full blast of a bellicose bully that is threatening to deatroy them.

    "In an editorial, the Global Times said “punishing” Lithuania was like “swatting a fly”.

    “Lithuania is just a clown that plays bravado and loyalty. China will definitely deal a heavy blow to it,” the Beijing-backed paper wrote."

    So where does Keating stand when the CCP threatens to swat Lithuania like a fly? C'Mon Keating the world's spine is beginning to stiffen.

    The fly emerges from a maggot. The question is really about maggots.

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