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KCN-update comment on AU price

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    from Midas
    May 14 - Gold $307.10 down $3.30 - Silver $4.60 unchanged

    Brisk Arab Gold Buying/Oil Soars To $29.36 Per Barrel

    Goldman Sachs brought out the Guns of Navarone, pounding the gold market all day long. The cabal continues to trash gold in an attempt to turn the big tech specs sellers. Gold lease rates have been creeping up, which indicates considerable shorting efforts of the price-fixers. It is not the hedgers. They are reducing forwards, not adding to them - except for a very few of the daft ones.

    Today’s AM Fix $309.95, the PM Fix $308.40. That is the second day in a row that highs were made in the morning in London, brought lower as went into the NY trading session and then trashed by Goldman Sachs during Comex trading hours.

    We have witnessed that sort of trading pattern for many years. What you have is Goldman Sachs/JP Morgan Chase borrowing gold from the ESF/Fed and dumping it to depress the gold price.

    Greenspan told the truth when he said before Congress, “central banks stand ready to lease gold in increasing quantities should the price rise.”

    Greenspan LIED when he wrote to Senator Lieberman:
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