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i see the bots that destroyed DOM daily for around a year are...

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    i see the bots that destroyed DOM daily for around a year are now infesting KCN, i suspect it was KCN that was doing it to supress the DOM share price. What goes around comes around, there's bigger sharks out there in the ASX and world oceans, who knows KCN might get devoured one day. For the record, i hate bots, they only serve to manipulate share prices, i mean, a so called "marketable parcel" is $500 worth of shares. I have had sold from under my feet numerous stocks over the years because through no fault of my own, $4000 worth of shares became $200 worth due to reconstructions and massive price falls. Yet these scum are allowed to buy $10-$100 worth every few seconds or however the bot masters time it ? It's only that KCN are $9 a share that nobody takes much notice of the bots, but they are there every waking minute of ASX trading. Good for nobody, except the insto's/manipulators. Regular shareholders, just grin and bear it....and get very used to it.
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