kcg price predictions at a glance !

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    U can all take this with a grain of salt or do your own numbers .
    As I stated last week I said I'd be a buyer at 0.03 and a seller at 0.12 .
    I didn't sell this morn .

    The next target I can come up with is 0.20-0.21 which is a major target in the shortterm .

    Don't hold me to it though but 3 seperate guesstimates give me this no.

    From there we could see the old tops of 0.31 and 0.35 which will cause a bounce down for the buyers to get set again .

    After we see off the above I'll try some more numbers but first target is 20 c .

    cheers ge
    ps; u may wanna ask acouch or alpha to stick some numbers up , I can't as already out of favours . lol
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