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    I emailed Kaz earlier today asking for an explaination as to why they posted two new contracts ($10 mil Vic. Gov't contract and a Perth outsourcing contract) on their website, yet failed to announce them to the market. I believe the stock needs a few food announcements to stop the slide in the share price and restore investor confidence. Peter Kazacos returned my email with the following explaination:

    Thankyou for your support. We were releasing most of our contracts to the
    ASX. We were however informed that we were making too many announcements.
    We have therefore gone to a quarterly update format. We will monitor this
    as we have had other shareholders make similar comments to yours. Also the
    recent share price trend may be due to end of financial year tax loss


    Not sure why they did not announce anyway, they are good contractws and the market should be kept informed.
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