Kaz base in low 30's accumulate.

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    TheHorseman (ID#: 404917) Where does KAZ go now? 14/5/02 5:15:18 PM 5160412
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    Hi All,
    So what will happen to KAZ's share price now? I have always had a high opinion of this stock and remain optimistic that it will bounce back. May take a while given the economic conditions and the spooked market, but all I can say is accumulate at these levels.

    The Horseman

    Hi Guys,
    Anyone know why the price went up and the increase in volumes?

    The Horseman

    Hi Horseman---solid base has been forming in the low 30's----software sector improving a little on Wall Street, by June 30th the NSW Gov is divvying out Eprocrurement---17 billion worth of buying and selling-Federal Gov has brought in an apprenticeship scheme 1.100 per employee put on--I.T. sector.You have Cebit on the 28/5/2002---the sector itself is at all time lows---it can only improve. Relief of selling pressure S&P Free float.
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