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    Posted 08/12/05 15:22 - 199 reads
    Posted by katy28
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    Don't forget that OBJ have announced they have 2 big Pharmas following their results......maybe they would also want the price up over 10c so as to strike a better deal if one so happens....?
    I couldn't attend the AGM...the price started taking off so I wanted to know what I missed so I rang Jeff.....
    he confirmed what has already been announced with some very keen Pharmas watching closely (possibly getting ready to pounce?)
    I mentioned we had shares in another company that had attended the same conference & presently are being fought over by 4 Big Pharmas - also that they had told us they are looking to sell at no less than US $2Billion & said to Jeff if OBJ was made any offers by these Pharmas to make sure they get a good deal & hopefully don't undersell themselves as sometimes does happen & he replied he'd make sure the shareholders were happy if a deal happens......

    I also asked about their competition & how their patch is different & he said their results had shown to be much more effective & that's why it is creating such close interest.....anyway, don't underestimate these Pharmas as they have some big pockets when they want something so keep some shares just in case it goes into a trading halt at some stage & does a mega deal....you'd be sorry then....

    i like that post alot....hey rogues!!!
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