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    Yes another great post by Anatol.

    Anatols posts are a bit like KV results, we have come to expect the best everytime.

    On KV results particularly the resource upgrade I think its best we stick with the party line of 50/60 mt.

    I think it might be a bit over and was secretly hoping it might be my very unusual favorite number 76. Don't ask, I just chose a different favorite number to the regular single digit ones as a kid! Ha ha! True story.

    The reason its better to write more conservative upgrade number here is to leave surprise to the upside. If everyone expects a super massive upgrade number already then we won't see such a SP kick from the result perhaps.

    Unless finally the big end of town makes a move after the upgrade..?

    Why do I get a niggling feeling management already have a suitor/partener in mind...?

    Its like at Uni you would hear a stunning girl was single and think, nah she must either have someone or have her eye on someone, which of course was often the case. Luckily not always! ha ha!

    I agree with vmp that eventually, with lots more drilling KV could/will be much bigger.

    If there were a rumour blowing off the desert it reckon it would be saying that the best is yet to come at KV...we are just starting to work this out, haven't found where its coming from yet...
    but I don't know anyone, am deaf in my left ear and my right ear is blocked so I wouldn't hear any rumors anyway! Ha ha!

    Its gonna be a good week/month...

    Good luck all

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