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Let's see some new estimates based off seeing final results....

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    Let's see some new estimates based off seeing final results. Mine is between 80-85Mt for KV.

    200 million should be enough to develop Buldania due to the infrastructure already in place, the shallow depth, the distance to port.. The list goes on. It will pay itself back within 2-3 years IMO and make around 100million a year in profit at the current price point, due to the high grade in phase 1 of production.

    KV We sell it for approx 700m.. Give shareholders a 500 million divi??? Goyder makes a cool 100 + million his family are now all loaded to the gills and partying hard with Mr Franco and Kluck.

    Then after the massive piss up, we develop Buldania with the 200 million leftover and whilst we're building we explore Buldania, Norcott and Killaloe properly to add value for shareholders waiting.

    Buldania potentially turns out to be the motherlode and connects with our bordering tenements. We're now potentially a billion dollar company and just been given a 500 million dollar divi afew months earlier = We're all living like king's.

    If we do hit the motherlode... Guess what we should do?? With our 100-200-300mt + Buldania/Killaloe/Norcott tenement we sell half of it for another 500m-1b-1.5b give most of this money to shareholder's + make the JV partner build a hydroxide plant near port/upgrade our mine to increase production by 2-5x depending on size = we're now both earning more than what we were originally getting and our JV partner will be happy, as they will make there money back within 4 years. We will be making approx 150-450million per year profit during this time.. All of which depends on what size the prospect ends up being and how good our plant ends up producing.

    100m profit per year, a 2-3 year payback, no debt, high grade + a 300-500 million dividend payout as a worst case scenario doesn't sound to shabby to me. With those numbers id expect our MC to be 500m-1b market cap once in production and proving nameplate production.

    It's a good dream isnt it? Lol.

    All IMO. DYOR!!
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