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Kathleen Valley Project Discussion

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    We have a "Buldania Project Discussion" thread, "FA & General Banter" thread, "Charts & T/A" thread. I think we need a "Kathleen Valley Project" thread now. It's being better to put all info in one thread for future references.

    I was making more geological research in the area in recent days.

    Kathleen Valley-Yakabindie district area has been a good area for gold and copper explorers for long time and

    The nickel deposits and Kathleen Valley pegmatites are contained in the western portion of the Agnew-Wiluna Greenstone Belt. In the Yakabindie area the belt is 2 to 17 kilometres wide, with major wrench faults extending for hundreds of kilometres with at least two phases of complex folding and steep dips.

    "The district includes an eastern supracrustal sequence equivalent to that present in the Leinster district; the Kathleen Valley Gabbro and Mt Goode basalt located along the western margin of the belt; and the Jones Creek Conglomerate situated between the supracrustal rocks and Kathleen Valley Gabbro.... The Agnew–Wiluna greenstone belt in the Yilgarn Craton of Western Australia is a narrow package of complexly deformed Archean supracrustal rocks that hosts two of the world's largest komatiite-hosted nickel sulfide deposits, the Mt Keith and Perseverance deposits (Nickelwest BHP)".

    (The tenements at the eastern part of LTR mainly belongs to BHP.)

    Kathleen Valley project is consist of two main pegmatite swarms; Kathleen's Corner and Mt Mann.

    However there are other pegmatites mapped just south of Kathleen Valleys project.

    They will be assessed in one open pit (see below). However there are other pegmatites mapped just south of Kathleen Valleys project. (the below map is modified by me from the map released by company).

    These pegmatites are mapped by the company (and historically - see below) but no work has been done so far. They will be drilled and might be added to the project over the time if any high grade pegmatites are found.

    (Keep in mind that many of the large projects have multiple open pits around the main (centre) pit. As an example Pilbara Mineral's Pilgangoora project has 6 pits, Mineral Resources and Ganfeng's Mt Marion project has about 4 pits.)

    I have marked LTR tenements and Kathleen Valley Project pegmatites (Kathleen's Corner and Mt Mann) by using Google Earth Pro. You can also see the mapped pegmatites at the south.

    Those pegmatites at the south are well knows from the old times when there was a Kathleen Valley town there (nothing there now). Some of them even named at that time.

    And all other pegmatites in the area striking toward northwest and extending toward southwest just like Mt Mann pegmatite. That tells me that there are more pegmatites systems in the area just like PLS's Pilgangoora Project.

    This image below shows PLS's pegmatites system over 6km strike length. (the tonnage on this graphic is 128mt but now it is 226mt)

    You can get more info about the other pegmatites from web site, even by the coordinates of them. You can find some historical info on this site.

    This info for Mt Mann pegmatite is from the web site.
    "Is part of the Kathleen Valley group of pegmatites, centred on the abandoned gold and copper town of Kathleen. A fence and locked gate may prevent access. 5.5 kilometres north north-east of the Yakabindie homestead. The pegmatite forms a tor-like outcrop, straddling the northern spur of Mt Mann. The pegmatite is 400 metres long, up to 7 metres wide, intruding the Kathleen Valley Gabbro complex. It contains abundant lepidolite as scaly masses associated with albite, and abundant coarse bladed white spodumene crystals. Andalusite, corundum and pale brown dravite has been reported from a small pegmatite just east of the Mt Mann pegmatite".

    Also some historical info for Kathleen's Corner pegmatites from the web site again;

    "Part of the Kathleen Valley group of pegmatites centred around the abandoned gold and copper town of Kathleen. A fence and locked gate may prevent access. The location is a swarm of pegmatites. The pegmatites are spodumene rich, as bladed white crystals to 30 cms long by 2cm wide embedded in quartz and coarsely crystalline feldspar, with locally coarse muscovite. The spodumene fluoresces orange in long wave ultraviolet light. Lepidolite is minor at the pegmatite. A small shaft has been sunk next to the pegmatites for copper but is genetically unrelated to the pegmatites".

    Info from Mindat/org for another known pegmatites in LTR tenements;
    "Mate Alac Track pegmatite at south - Lepodilate (150m long 1m wide)"
    "Kathleen Backhills pegmatites"

    There are a lot more info but I will cut it short for now.

    Here are the drill holes (yellow pinned) which we are waiting for assay results of (from the latest anns on May 20). There will be new pending assay results on the new anns again. we can't see them on that anns.

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