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Daybue Trail: Magical Month of March Posted on April 2, 2024 by...

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    Daybue Trail: Magical Month of March
    Posted on April 2, 2024 by melelllan

    I need to start a journal; I know, “you can’t BELIEVE I don’t keep one!” Sad, but true. What I can tell you, though, are some of the incredible things that have happened this month.

    One day, I promised Katelin to take her outside and I was going to slow for her tastes so she went into my bedroom, shuffled through the clothes on the bed and pulled out a pair of pants and BROUGHT them to me. Def. a mic drop moment.

    She has started to pull the arm of her seat in the car down to grab on to and pull herself up. I’ve been trying to teach her that since she started on Daybue.

    She has said all sorts of things, just out of the blue- Am I going to school tomorrow? (It was a Sunday). She asked the neighbor boy, “How was school?” And there was more!- Bus coming here tomorrow? Had a party (at her day program) She told her bus driver to “Have a nice day,” when she got off the bus.

    Her school is telling me that she is saying all sorts of new things at her program Almost done; what’s the time; time to go home; strawberry; money and more. Some of these are even new to me!

    Two special things she said were, “taco” (I did make tacos that night and she was so happy) and “zoo” (we went to the zoo that weekend and I can tell you she was Hulk mad when we left.

    She’s started speech therapy and has had only three sessions. I’m not sure how it’s going but she is starting to chat away. The therapist asked her “which book do you want” and she replied, “count” and picked up a counting book. Shocked me because I didn’t think she cared too much about math. She’s been able to answer yes/no several times using her app and sometimes verbally. We both think she needs to warm up to the therapist before we’ll really know how it might go.

    Gross motor-wise she’s coming along by leaps and bounds- she’s picking up tables and chairs to move them out of her way or to where she wants them. Her ability to keep track of items is incredible- she can pick out the iPad on a field of a black chair or remember that I hid it behind a chair and try to get at it, even if it’s the next day.

    She’s beginning to wash her hair correctly; she’s always kinda rubbed her hair a tiny bit, but now she’s using her fingers to scrub, pretty proud of herself, too. One thing about her hair that is a thrill for me- she’s had a skin condition that required lotion and since starting Daybue that has resolved and I can grow her hair out. People know she’s a girl now.

    Along with all these improvements, frustration has become an issue, but we are working on deep breathing and talking it out.

    It’s been a lucky, magical month. Must be because St.Patrick’s Day is in March. . Looking forward to seeing what April brings.
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