Kashmir - set to explode !!!!

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    Just heard on SBS that all out war between India and Pakistan is expected.

    Quote: "India warns Pakistan that it is time for a decisive battle"(SBS News) ..... 5 Indian warships are sailing to the war zone as I type.... millions of troops are massing

    My God .... this is no joke!!

    The nightmare may become a reality..... This conflict will make that in the Middle East look like a storm in a teacup.

    What with the US mounting armed guards on the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge .... and with Bush sabre rattling against Sadam .... gearing up for inevitable military action against Iraq .... and with the India / Pakistani conflict that may "go nuclear".....
    ...Is it any wonder that gold is going to blast through $320 .... where will this end???????? All I know is that financial safety will be in gold.
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