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karoo basin

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    We assume lance etc is a goer if all requirements are fulfilled.

    I was thinking about the long term sources and started to look at karoo again.

    Just some quick searches on the web on this topic. Sorry if some have already been posted. Snippets are taken from each web source. There maybe bias in the selected snippets (none meant).

    "Southern Karoo Projects
    South Africa

    The uranium applications in South Africa consist of over 50 farms with known uranium occurrences and historical resources. The Board believes that further investigation of these areas is warranted. A desktop study and review of historical work on some of these areas indicate that the Southern Karoo Basin contains highly prospective target areas. "

    "Estimated Resources

    SRK Consulting in the Competent Persons Report it prepared by and submitted on 31 May 2006 reported that the Waterval Farm has non-compliant historical mineral resources of between 39,000 and 50,590 tonnes of uranium and molybdenum mineralisation with an in situ grade of 1,690 and 1,820 parts per million (ppm) of uranium oxide. It estimated Brinkley's exploration potential on the whole of the Waterval Farm to be between 10 million and 21 million pounds of uranium oxide."


    "Uranium mineralisation is widespread within the Permo-Triassic Karro Basin of southern Africa where it in the Beaufort and Stormberg groups in most parts of the basin within South Africa but predominantly in the south-west. "


    Company announcement from MPJ (ASX):

    "A Lukisa, a subsidiary of AREVA is completing a feasibility study to verify the historical data and determine the viability of the Rystkuil deposit.Other recent exploration activity in the region include airborne radiometric surveys by Peninsula Minerals Ltd which has defined a number of anomalies on its Site 29 target which have been ground proven with maximum grades of 2.1% U3O8 and 2430 ppm Mo."

    Notice mention of PEN

    Geology of uranium deposits 2009

    "The United States has large resources in sandstone deposits in the Western Cordillera region, and most of its uranium production has been from these deposits, recently by in situ leach (ISL) mining. The Powder River Basin in Wyoming, the Colorado Plateau and the Gulf Coast Plain in south Texas are major sandstone uranium provinces. Other large sandstone deposits occur in Niger, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Gabon (Franceville Basin), and South Africa (Karoo Basin). Kazakhstan has reported substantial reserves in sandstone deposits with average grades ranging from 0.02 to 0.07% U."

    Notice mention of Wyoming and ISL

    So it seems to be an area of U308 amd Mo that maybe a source for real long term output for PEN. There is a fair bit to digest from this selection of web resources. Happy buying and selling.


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