- Kapulo prospect: very nice grades

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    Cash in the bank if stability continues in the DRC.
    This excerpt taken from page 10 of the annual report released to the ASX on Friday.

    Future Opportunities in Dikulushi Mining Convention Area
    A new phase of exploration work was commenced in July 2002 in the vicinity of the Dikulushi deposit aimed at locating additional sources of copper mineralisation within easy trucking distance of the Dikulushi plant. Should this exploration work be successful, an expansion of the Stage II development of Dikulushi would be contemplated. Already a zone of outcropping copper mineralisation has been located approximately 9 kilometres north of Dikulushi and this will undergo evaluation in the months ahead.

    The Kapulo copper mineralisation located 125 kms north east of Dikulushi, but still within the Dikulushi Mining Convention area of 20,000 km2 is perhaps the most promising project at this stage for future development. Sampling of three old adits by previous workers has returned significant widths and grades of copper mineralisation including the following:
    36.5 metres at 6.98% copper,
    38.4 metres at 6.39% copper and
    31.0 metres at 6.99% copper.
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