kaplan is bullish on gold

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    "I remain quite bullish on all of the precious metals. These are difficult times, but bull markets, by definition, take as few positions higher as they possibly can. Real bull markets always try to shake out all weak hands, before moving higher. And trust me, they are shaking the trees REAL HARD now, with those who just had a tenuous hold on a branch being thrown hard to the ground.

    Such movements are not at all that surprising, given the fact that now, for the first time in two decades, it seems that the entire financial world is not only confident of higher gold prices, but are trumpeting their opinions to the press and their clientele. Even Merrill Lynch, out of London, is calling for higher gold prices! Just as their voices were the loudest, gold took its sharpest decline last week.

    That said, the fundamentals for gold are still superb. Nothing has really changed except the price. In fact, putting aside all emotion, the fundamentals are now BETTER than before ..." Kaplan 30.9.03
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