KAP list demands if ALP or LNP want their support.

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    ABC Online...
    The two Katter's Australian Party (KAP) MPs have released their demands if the Labor Party or the Liberal National Party (LNP) want their support to form a minority government.
    Rob Katter and Shane Knuth want 28 policies agreed to, including a bat cull in populated areas and the abolition of public servant sackings.
    They also want a commission of inquiry into government corruption, statutory marketing for milk and sugar, and six road projects.
    Mr Katter hoped to see how well the two major parties aligned with the points, which would form the basis of their decision.
    "It's no surprise we represent rural and regional areas that have been forgotten," Mr Katter said.
    Mr Knuth said mass public service sackings over the years by both previous governments had a ripple effect on regional communities.
    "Our towns are dying, we value these jobs for the survival of rural and regional areas," he said.
    Dave R.
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