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    Had lunch with a good mate yesterday - told me this

    When ya read it - try and use a stereotyped accent of Japanese in the war - Hai!!!

    The Admiral of the Japanese fleet assembled all his pilots on board - 500 of em and theyre all lined up bowing and awaiting his comments

    This little guy comes out and shouts, "You are the chosen pilots of Nippon"

    They all shout Hai and bow and clap madly...

    "You will all get in your planes and hunt down the American fleet"

    They all shout Hai and bow and clap wildly.....

    "Your planes will have no guns"

    They all shout Hai and bow and clap with just a hint of wonder in their eyes

    "Your planes will have no bombs"

    They all shout Hai and bow and clap - a few start to glance around and with a little less zest in their Hai's

    But he screamed, "You will have 1000 lb of TNT on your plane!!!"

    Renewed......They all shout Hai and bow and clap wildly.

    "You'll then crash you plane into the american ship killing them all and yourself for the GLORY of THE EMPOROR and NIPPON!!!!!

    Sort of an uneasy silence escends on the group - maybe a couple of half-hearted hais can be heard.....

    He goes on, "Any questions??????"

    No one says anything..

    After a while this little voice - full of incredulity - from the back asks......."any flucking questions........????????

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