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    From the Sproule Competent Person's Report (link: http://www.rangeresources.com.au/fileadmin/user_upload/research_Reports/Competent_Persons_Report___Sproule_International_Limited.pdf):

    The Nogal Basin covered by the Nogal Valley Block has been identified as having reservoir, source rock and trap potential. International oil and gas companies conducted exploration in the late 1980’s in the region. During this exploration phase, a grid of 2D seismic was shot perpendicular to the axis of the rift system in the Nogal Basin. Based on interpreted maps provided by Africa Oil, this data shows a number of large, closed, fault-controlled structures. In addition, surface geology identified a number of oil seeps along the main basin-bounding faults.
    Several wells drilled on the identified structures encountered numerous oil shows, however, the wells Nogal-1 and Kalis-1 did not reach the main exploration target, for reasons unknown.

    Aerial view of Kalis-1, within Block 28, clearly showing camp facilities, with well head on the north-side of the compound:

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