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    Some amazing new intersections.

    Including a new zone on DDH14, which is fab given its the most southeasterly of the holes thus far.

    If you exclude DDH02 & 07 since they are currently outside the resource box. We get an average thickness across the other 15 holes of 30.2M at a grade of 1.46% Cu & 17.4 g/t Ag (I used the lower Cu number in hole DDH16 for the calculation).

    Note there is now a fault line going through the resource box area.

    So on those numbers we're looking at 28.5 MT of ore containing 416,300 T of Cu & 15.8 million ounces of silver inside the resource box.

    I'd like to see them trying to drill 100M south of DDH16. I know they had a poor RC hole on Section #1 when they tried it, but this is another part of the deposit & I'll be very surprised if it doesn't extend further south as we go east, given the results they've been getting close by.

    This is going to multibag.

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