k henry - aust. sustainable pop. is 15 million

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    ALI MOORE, PRESENTER: The man who helped design John Howard's GST and Kevin Rudd's Mining tax tonight delivered his last public address as a bureaucrat.

    But it's not Treasury Secretary Ken Henry's style to leave quietly and in his speech, delivered at the University of Tasmania, he wondered aloud whether Australia's reform era was at an end.

    Political correspondent, Tom Iggulden, reports.

    In part...

    KEN HENRY: A sustainable population for Australia, well I don't know, maybe 15 million, something like that, that's one-five not five-zero.

    It's evident in the environmental degradation that one sees, the loss of biodiversity, species extinction and so on, it's very clear that the population growth that we've experienced to date, to give us a population of 21, 22 million has not been sustainable population growth in that sense.



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