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    Uranium debate heating up
    The current fall-out after the shock announcement of an Australian mining company to start exploration for uranium on Niue has left many Niueans confused as to the government’s position on future foreign arrangements.

    Common roll member Mrs O’Love Jacobsen has questioned the government as to why the impending project was not discussed in Niue’s 2005/2006 budget. A few other members of the house have also expressed their concern over the governments handling of this particular outing because they feel that the ruling government acted in an unethical manner.

    The Premier Vivian replied that the reason it wasn’t discussed in the budget was because the costs for the exploration for Uranium will be fully funded by the Australian mining company.

    As the special guest on the BCN talkback show on Monday night Premier Vivian was queried by members of the public as to why the mining company was granted the license to start drilling on Niue without consulting with the people of Niue.

    The premier explained that the license granted is only an exploration license. He said that if the exploration warrants further investigation then the people will be called upon before any further steps are taken. Some callers were mainly concerned with the possible environmental impact of a mining operation and land ownership issues if the project goes ahead.

    The mining company is due to arrive in Niue on the 3rd September to start drilling the six holes needed to determine if Niue does have the potential to be the biggest uranium deposit in the world.

    Premier Vivian has emphasized that we will have to wait and see if the projections are true before debating the issues because it could turn out to be overstated aspirations

    I personally think that managements are deliberately reducing the sp so they can buy more, before the next big announcement (remember what happened with RTM. It jumped from $0.01 to $0.17 then pulled back big time as well).
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