Just what is Kerry Packer and his interests at PBL

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    Just what is Kerry Packer and his interests at PBL and CPH up to?

    On the surface - nothing.

    Beneath the surface - plenty.

    Currently, Packer interests are involved heavily in each of the following initiatives:
    liberalising the cross-media ownership laws, particularly so far as they concern or affect FoxTel;

    AFR Street Talk is now speculating upon the possibility of a FoxTel /PBL media merger should these laws be liberalised further;

    re-structuring of the FoxTel business to also allow for digitisation of the network, bundling of services by Telstra, and others, and the carriage of critical mass on the Optus network;

    re-structuring of the Fox Sports business to secure a more valuable media property (in association /alignment with Newscorp);

    merger of his meat processing interests, Consolidated Meat Group, and Teys Investments "to form a beef processor with annual turnover of more than $1 billion", making this "Australia's second largest beef processor. Australian Meat Holdings is the largest".

    So, what is Kerry Packer actually up to?

    Merger, consolidation and rationalisation of his meadia, industrial and commercial interests in order to secure operational efficiencies /gains, exploit emerging competitive opportunities /interests, and to secure strategic beach-heads going forward.
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