Just watched the whole sotu address

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    Pelosi fumbled awkwardly like a teenager on their first date. I now believe she's actually got a crush on Trump.

    Trump didn't deliberately spurn her - he was already turning away and didn't try to shake Pence's hand either.

    She then took it all personally and stewed and seethed on it all through Trump's speech.

    At times she looked very disinterested and distracted. Not a good look at all.

    Her act of ripping up the speech papers was absolutely childish and will harden more people against her and the Democrats imo.

    Trump left the House a winner and Pelosi looked like a petulant child.

    If the democrats had any sense they would roll her from office and put someone in the job who can control their emotions better.

    Nancy did herself, her party and the decorum of the Congress a very very bad disservice and will live to regret it for the rest of her life imo.
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