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Just to explain the situation at Stockhouse

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    The whole idea is to divert your attention during the trading day from given stocks, to write emotion at price sensitive times within a companies share trend--I mean it occurs here too---but at least people do post a chart (LOL)--and a bit of Gann or something>>>over there it is all cocopops verses--Mr Potatohead>>>LOL
    It's an extremely destructive place>>>perhaps the total anonynity makes people do things that thery normally wouldn't do under their real names.
    It's a real Freud study into human behaviour--its' top stocks are fizzers--and not what is really moving--I mean you won't find BHP or CBA or Patrick Corporation or Mayne or Coles >>>top of the pops over there---at any time---unless I put them there-readers are subjected to endless amounts of diversionary dribble--to take the focus off some beauties.
    Extremely damaging place that damages good investment/trading skills--I go there to post research mainly-but as time goes by thinking more and more of just posting it on my own website-the place has become just so destructive and childish.
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