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    BTA - Biota Holdings Ltd.
    At the end of February 2004, there was a 40% increase in Biota's share price on the basis of statements that Biota's Relenza might be effective in treating bird flu. Some of this was lost by September and there was another jump associated with a US grant and fund raising although much of this dissipated by December. Stocks have remained sensitive to speculation since then including the recent jump associated with stockpiling of Relenza in Germany, the Netherlands and other countries. With two substantial fund injections and recent speculation raising prices 167%, the company has a market cap of $257 million which we believe is fragile and too high. The company does not have the fundamentals to justify the value, but much depends on the effectiveness of BTA's product in controlling bird flu, the success or otherwise of Biota's court proceedings against GlaxoSmithKline for breach of contract on promotion of Relenza, the effectiveness of its cost cutting effort, recently announced collaborations supported by the US Government, development of its newly reported antiviral, ability to increase turnover and the advent of a new experienced CEO. (10/12/05)
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