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    Jewish tycoons buy land near Rachel's Tomb

    By Nadav Shragai

    In the past year, wealthy Jews have purchased a five dunam plot, including a large house, close to Rachel's Tomb on the outskirts of Bethlehem. The plot of land is located in Area C, which falls under Israeli civilian and security control, and in the area defined as "the Jerusalem envelope."

    The Arab sellers moved abroad. (I wonder why? Bet ya the bugger got paid 10 times it's worth and now wants to be able to live....literally!.........Snooker

    For the past few weeks, the location has been used to hold Torah classes. In the future, the Jewish entrepreneurs who acquired the property plan to
    establish a Jewish settlement at the site, which will then
    serve to create a continuum between additional properties in the area that are also owned by Jews.

    The Israel Defense Forces who is securing the site, knew of the planned purchase before it was made and even expressed support for the move. Over the past year, IDF soldiers have used the structure and property as a military position.

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