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just my thoughts too

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    Seems that we have more "opinions" on Hotcopper than ADY shares at the moment. So, let's add another.

    Interesting that SQM (NYSE listed with Lithium, etc) had a high shareprice of US$135.80 on Tuesday although it has come back a little since then (Note it was less than US$30 sp over 1.5 years ago). Think most would agree this is not a bad return.

    I would expect to see some significant status reporting on both the Rincon Salar and Iron Ore projects before the AGM on 29th November. The ADY team has consistently continued to produce results over the last year plus, and I expect this to continue. After all, why would this change now with the same team driving the projects ?

    I wouldn't be caught not holding in the stock, with what I believe is a world beating project in the Rincon Salar. The Iron Ore project will provide an excellent revenue source and has a great Payback period. Great high return projects for ADY to invest in.

    Personally, I remain a firm holder of the stock and will not be selling at such rediculously low prices. Yes, I buy when I can afford it too. IMHO, with any overall market downward movement, there is also opportunties for astute investors. Does everyone follow the herd? Some say this is the time to Buy. Your choice.

    Now, that's my dollars worth too. Good Luck to All.
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