NDO 0.00% 9.8¢ nido petroleum limited

just looking over chart....

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    the change is definitely in.

    currently testing 15c, should be interesting tussle given lack of buying depth.

    next support clearly at 13c, if that fails next support around 11.5...... so we'll see what comes out in the wash.

    you can hope it doesn't fall any lower, but my rule (very expensively learned) is take profits at these clear break points.

    it may well recover to 18c or so without going lower, but so what? you just jump back on when the ride starts again. I've come to hate seeing profits eroded in slack times, I've missed a few quid by jumping out, but that's swamped by the strategy of taking dough off the table.

    believe in stocks? never, never, never.

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