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    Did some quick research using BHP as the benchmark. It was conducted in this way:

    1. Find all companies that have "base metals" in their business summary
    2. Get data for:
    - 2yr Forcasted EPS
    - 2yr Forcasted DPS
    - Cash
    - NTA
    - Previous Share Price
    3. All companies with no EPS where ripped out.

    Funny enough that reduced the list from 174 to 22.

    Then all companies where benchmarked againts BHP and see if for their price, they beat BHP. About 7 companies or so did in all areas.

    CBH only beat BHP in two areas, EPS and Assets.

    So looking at EPS as the guiding light out of 22 the search picked up, CBH is ranked 8th.

    Results can be found here:


    However more companies should be in the search, companies like ZFX where not picked up in the criteria.
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